Health, Hygiene & Hydration

We at Aaryahi believe that the three basic foundations for  developing healthier communities are health, hygiene and hydration.

Our team works with experts in the field of healthcare and education who have years of experience to bring you and your children the simplest and easiest tools and resources that will empower your journey in laying the foundations for a dynamic life for your children and their future.

How we do this


We work with communities at the macro and micro level  to identify their individual nutritional needs.
We then create and implement educational campaigns that raise awareness for improved nutritional status.

Improved nutrition lays the foundation for a lifetime of health


We outreach schools and other community organizations to raise awareness about basic principles of hygiene.

From basic hand washing techniques to responsible disposable methods we come up with fun and creative ways to engage the entire community.


We partner with our  sponsors and volunteers to emphasize the value of clean water in thought and in action. We educate and empower by bringing these resources to our communities through sustainable and replicable models.

our mission

We partner with donors, sponsors and volunteers to bring resources related to health education to underserved communities.

Join us in this journey!

Because together we can

  • Change the world for the better
  • Change the future of our children

our outreach

our campaigns

We are locally rooted and
nationally connected.

Alumni and corps members work in partnership with rural and urban
ommunities across the country, inside schools and from every sector that
shapes education.

0 M
children live below the poverty line
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more children of color are born into poverty than are white children
0 %
of children growing up in poverty will graduate from college within eight years of graduating high school